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  1. 2015+ STI Discussion
    I have a 2015 STi base (non HK) and I would really like CarPlay but want to retain a more OEM look. How difficult would it be to swap in a HU from a 2019 STi? Are there any good guides out there? Thanks y'all!
  2. General Subaru Discussion
    Hi all, this is my first post here so please be patient with me. I have done a couple of hours of research to no avail. I am currently in the process of swapping the 257 from a '16 STI into my '11 GR WRX hatch chassis. I have swapped every single component with the exception of the rear...
  3. Drivetrain Components
    Would anyone be able to tell me the main difference between the GR and GD shifter linkage, the reason I ask is because I am doing a 6mt swap into a 2009 WRX, the transmission i am putting in is from a 2005 STI with a 1 to 1 transfer ratio so i can retain my R160 Rear diff, would i be able to use...
  4. Exterior Parts For Sale
    Have: 2020 STI limited with the WRX lip, w/ backup camera and keyless entry Want : STI trunk with wing and same options. Color: Crystal Black Silica (CBS) Location: Las Vegas, NV
1-4 of 4 Results