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  1. General Subaru Discussion
    Hi im justin feom lebanon and im seeing a subaru sti 2005 but i have doubt that its converted all tge engine parts are sti and the interior and have dccd but doesn’t have a ic spray bouton and a water tank in the back !! 🤔 is it necessary every sti have this option and if have i have vin number...
  2. Drivetrain Components
    Would anyone be able to tell me the main difference between the GR and GD shifter linkage, the reason I ask is because I am doing a 6mt swap into a 2009 WRX, the transmission i am putting in is from a 2005 STI with a 1 to 1 transfer ratio so i can retain my R160 Rear diff, would i be able to use...
  3. Other Vehicles For Sale
    2011 Subaru WRX(Built motor and STI DT swap) Location: Sacramento,CA Price: $13,000 Mileage: 81k on chassis, 5k on motor(now dead), 9k on drivetrain Transmission:2017 STI 6-speed Manual Description and Mods:I’m selling my 2011 WRX w/ a full STI drivetrain swap and a built motor which died on me...
1-3 of 3 Results