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  1. ECU Tuning & Performance Electronics
    Does anyone have the stage 3 OTS map for a 2019 STi? It’s no longer available. Before anyone goes off about needing a pro tune I have someone who will be tuning the car but need the stage 3 OTS as a starting point.
  2. ECU Tuning & Performance Electronics
    So in a few weeks i will be installing a wealth of new parts on my car. Fuel injectors, fuel pump, & a fuel pressure regulator. I plan to install all the parts myself only problem is that my tuning shop is 128 Miles away. The motor is already built and is still on its break in tune, & break in...
  3. Built Motor Discussion
    Hey guys please help me ! Is it reliable to buy a Subaru wrx sti with 500whp with stage 3 tuff block? For example like daily driving without abusing it? Does the motor last longer than oem sti motor? Please help
1-3 of 3 Results