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  1. GR-Members' Journals
    Hello iwsti! Not a new member, but a new poster now that I'm 'getting into' this car a little more. I figured I should start a build thread at this point, as my sti ‘build’ has changed direction, and is more valid now in that regard. Many years ago, I owned a Volvo c30, and went crazy with...
  2. General Subaru Discussion
    I have all the supporting mods cobb has said I needed to run the stage 2 map. I flashed to stage 2+ebcs 93 octane a few weeks ago. I baby my car all the time and have put maybe 200 miles on the car since going stage 2. I finally floored it to redline in 2nd and 3rd gear merging onto the...
1-2 of 2 Results