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  1. Drivetrain Components
    I bought this car in October of last year (2009 STi), and ever since it has made this weird noise on deceleration/engine braking. The car has solid motor/transmission mounts, so it makes a lot of noise and has a lot of vibrations, it also has a very heavy clutch so assumed it had a stage...
  2. General Subaru Discussion
    Hello, Few weeks ago I had my ignition coils, spark plugs and fuel pump replaced. I also had my injectors cleaned. Vehicle was running rough and very unresponsive before, and I haven’t had any crazy issues since. I might be going crazy, but as of recently, the exhaust sounds a lot more muffled...
  3. USA - Mountain West
    Got me a new 2020 STI today. Have always loved them, first time owner. I must stay they are quite peppy, However... The one I got didn't come with the premium sound package,. So is there anywhere here in Vegas that anyone gotten any work done that can attest to quality etc. Or even places...
1-3 of 3 Results