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  1. Built Motor Discussion
    To build or not to build.... I just picked up a '11 wrx with high miles (200k) for suuuuuuper cheap off a family friend. I have '19 STI as well so this or my other car will become my projecty type car. It runs fine except for the need for a new clutch, but definitely could still use some tlc...
  2. Built Motor Discussion
    Looking to buy a 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX Hatchback. The owner has told me the engine was rebuilt and the process on how it was broken in. I have attached all the documents relating to the repairs and processes to get it running back to normal. The owner said that all of the necessary actions...
  3. Built Motor Discussion
    Like the title said, if anyone can give some details about turbo which is supporting to 600whp, pump gas system, and all other necessary supporting mods, labor for rebuilding 600 whp STI? Just wanna gain some details before I down shop. Huge thanks!
  4. Built Motor Discussion
    Hi guys! just a quick question, I d like to know if anyone has any experiences with these 3 shops in ontario Canada? 1. NV Auto 2. Touge Tuning 3. Neetronics I m in western GTA, just looking for a reputable, knowledgable, professional, and reliable Subaru mechanic shop to rebuild EJ25, and do...
1-4 of 4 Results