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  1. Warranty / Service Issues
    Hey guys! first time posting on this forum but recently my 2010 STI has been smoking out of the hood. it’s coming from near the OCV and exhaust heatshield on the passenger side. It smells like it could be a mixture of coolant and oil but i’m not sure. I have noticed the coolant expansion tank...
  2. GD-General
    I'm currently experiencing a weird phenomenon with my power steering pump on my JDM 2003 Blobeye WRX STI. Last month I did a complete rebuild of the pump, because it was leaking pretty badly. I disassembled it and put brand new o-rings in it, now it's not leaking anymore. After I installed the...
  3. GD-General
    the far right light in my headlight and the reverse light won’t turn off like if one of the doors were still open but I MADE sure all the forts closed and that they all locked but the lights still won’t turn off, so any one had this problem or know the solution please let me know it’d be greatly...
  4. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    I have a 2017 Subaru Wrx Sti, car is stock except it has an invidia catted downpipe on stock tune. Car is currently stuttering when trying to accelerate and is only boosting to 9psi , loss of power. No engine lights.
1-4 of 4 Results