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  1. Detailing & Car Care
    I went almost 8 years without having any damage to my car, and in the last year I've had someone break in, back into me, and parallel park into my rear bumper. My go-to was Berli's, but it looks like they're no longer servicing Subarus, so I have to find an alternative. Are there any trusted...
  2. Detailing & Car Care
    Howdy, Does painting an 04 GD STI decrease it’s value whatsoever? Let’s say I wanted to paint my silver one to black. I’ve heard mixed answers but thought this was a good place to ask.
  3. General Subaru Discussion
    Hey guys, I’m on a hunt for a low-ish mileage stock 11-14 STI hatch. This guy messages me and says he has exactly what I’m looking for. White, stock, 56k miles, 2 owners.. etc. But looking at photos, I noticed the front bumper is cracked near the fog light. I’d want to get this repaired if I...
  4. Warranty / Service Issues
    I have owned my 2020 wrx sti limited wrb for less than a year now and it is having clear coat issues on the driver side fender. Will this be covered under warranty considering its in the first year? Will they just repaint the spot or repaint the whole car? Sorry for the not so good image.
  5. 2015+ Member Classified Ads
    New, never opened Quick Touch wheel touch up paint. I sold my car and have no use for it. $10.00
  6. Detailing & Car Care
    I need some help on what I should do to help blend the scratch to to make it look as original to the paint. Had a friend that thought it would be funny to mess with my license plate relocator and ended up rubbing against the paint. I ended up buying touch up paint from Subaru to cover and now...
1-6 of 6 Results