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  1. 2.5 Liter/Litre Factory Motor
    Howdy y’all, TLDR: 2019 sti 34k, oil sample with 3200 sent to black stone for analysis, came back with high copper and silver counts. Tech says these numbers don’t usually show up until around 3600-4000 miles on the oil. Asked about stepping up to a heavier weight and was given a wishy washy...
  2. 2015+ STI Discussion
    I picked up a new 2021 Subaru WRX STI about 2 weeks ago and I've put around ~750 miles on it so far. I know that there are a lot of forums about which oil is best to run in these cars but I couldn't get a definitive answer about which one would be optimal for my scenario. I'm from Washington so...
  3. 2.5 Liter/Litre Factory Motor
    Wondering what driving habits burn the most oil in 2015+ models. Ive had my sti for about 7k miles now and have done 2 oil changes. The first one seemed to have lost 1/4th a quart in 3250 miles, but I just did another oil change and had lost more than a quart in about the same miles. Was...
  4. 2015+ STI Discussion
    This post is a continuation from my original regarding low oil temps, long story short installed aem oil temp gauge in the oil pan. When idling I get 174-180 temp now cruising in cold weather it gets down to about 164. I don’t have a undertray so I’m thinking the cold wind could be hitting the...
  5. GD-General
    We just rebuilt the engine, has 1100 miles on it. I had my son change the oil in the 04 STI at 1000 miles. He randomly checked the oil and he couldn’t read it, due to it streaking on the dipstick. So he added more, pouring out of a 5qt bottle. Well he drove it for a while, unsure of the time...
1-5 of 5 Results