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  1. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    Hello, I am an '18 WRX Stage 1+ with 3.5 inch straight pipe catback and am looking to make more power but can only afford either a beast intercooler or headers but not both. IDC if the sound of the exhaust changes but just want to push a little more horsies. Anybody have any advice?
  2. Water-Meth Injection/Nitrous & Intercooler Cooling
    Hi, I have tried searching to no avail, wondering if anyone knows if the VA sti intercooler will fit on a gc8 with the standard re-mount, move brake booster that a earlier gd intercooler would require?
  3. General Subaru Discussion
    Hello, I saw someone here swapped an S209 intercooler water sprayer into their RA, I thought that was pretty cool and wanted to do the same for my base STI. The problem i have run in to is i can't get the S209 intercooler water sprayer wire harness, I have everything needed for the swap but the...
  4. 2015+ STI Discussion
    Hello I have a 2019 sti that I’m looking to finish. I want to get the most fun out of my car while being the most reliable it can be and still get my money’s worth of miles out of the car. Right now I have the Cobb sf air intake+ box and the cat back exhaust. Also I have a cylinder 4 cooling...
1-4 of 4 Results