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  1. Built Motor Discussion
    Alright so just got the car back with the built motor and was wondering what all I would need to make 400hp right now then eventually 500hp without maxing out injectors right now the only thing done to the fuel system is aem high flow fuel pump also plan on putting flex system sure that was...
  2. Power Bragging
    Hey guys! I have a 2005 Subaru sti. I start got it built here’s the run down Engine built Iag closed deck block 100mm cp coated pistons Saenz I beam rods King bearings Iag pick up and windage Heads Stock cams 80lb Bc springs and retainers Stock valves Ported and polished Arp head studs Fueling...
  3. DIY Mods & Installations
    There's not much love from the AOS manufacturers for TMIC equipped right-hand drive STI’s. Certainly not here in Australia, and surprisingly not even in Japan, as they seem to prefer catch cans. The only Japanese AOS I can find is from Prova, which utilises a design similar to Grimmspeed's AOS...
1-4 of 4 Results