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  1. Gear Oil Type for differentials

    2015+ STI Discussion
    I know I've seen this info around here but I honestly can't find it. I know the transmission uses a 75w90 GL-5 rated gear oil (I'm going with Motul 300 for this) What I can't find, is what to use in the front/rear differentials. Are they clutch based diffs, or gear based? From my understanding...
  2. Troubleshooting suggestions... LTFT adding a lot at idle, pulling a lot while cruising

    General Subaru Discussion
    I finally built my baby. I have an 07 STi that I built (head gaskets blew and consumed a quart of oil every 300 mi) and after a very bumpy road of dealing with "knock" during engine break in and troubleshooting, I finally tuned perfectly on 93 octane. I put one tank of E85 and it felt amazing...
  3. Need help finding headlight replacements..

    FAQ/Newbie Forum
    Hey there. Been scouring the internet with minor results and my lack of knowledge. I have a 2015 sti and the low beam internal led burnt out. Took it to a shop and sadly that was the result. I'm assuming these are the limited headlights and I was trying to find aftermarket ones but all of them...
  4. Opinions on Buying a Modified 05 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

    So really I'm just looking for some opinions from experienced owners of the car, I'm planning on buying the car as fun project/me time car. I have a daily driver for work and everything else. The car has a NEW ej257 2.5 L motor, forged internals, new turbo, new piping, fuel system, injectors...
  5. Help needed. Built engine only chugs and only when throttle pedal is pressed

    Built Motor Discussion
    Have an 06 STI with a freshly built motor, tgv/top feed conversion deletes, Cobb e85, Speed density tune, fuelab external pump (500+lph), fuelab regulator, Grams 1000cc injectors -8 feed/-6 return Rotated pte 5858 I’m having a problem with my first start up. I have fuel to the cylinders, have...
  6. I need help !!

    Seen this car for sale and it peeked my interest. Seems to go to be true but any advice, opinions, and or knowledge would be greatly appreciated ! The car Its a 2000 wrx sti jdm
  7. 2005 STI returns to idle while making left turns

    Hello all. I really need some help here. I have an 05 STI that I have fully rebuild and power comes on good feels reliable and delivers as advertised. Unless I make a left hand turn at like an intersection at about 20 mph. The problem is the car seems to drop to idle and no matter how hard i...