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  1. Help needed. Built engine only chugs and only when throttle pedal is pressed

    Built Motor Discussion
    Have an 06 STI with a freshly built motor, tgv/top feed conversion deletes, Cobb e85, Speed density tune, fuelab external pump (500+lph), fuelab regulator, Grams 1000cc injectors -8 feed/-6 return Rotated pte 5858 I’m having a problem with my first start up. I have fuel to the cylinders, have...
  2. I need help !!

    Seen this car for sale and it peeked my interest. Seems to go to be true but any advice, opinions, and or knowledge would be greatly appreciated ! The car Its a 2000 wrx sti jdm
  3. 2005 STI returns to idle while making left turns

    Hello all. I really need some help here. I have an 05 STI that I have fully rebuild and power comes on good feels reliable and delivers as advertised. Unless I make a left hand turn at like an intersection at about 20 mph. The problem is the car seems to drop to idle and no matter how hard i...