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  1. GR-General
    Hello, First time poster but im getting to my whits end and didnt know where to go. I had the connector on my STI’s fuel pump burn up the power pin right at the fuel pump assembly to harness connection about 3 weeks ago. Burnt up the pin obviously and took out the pump. Decided to upgrade fuel...
  2. General Subaru Discussion
    No fuse blown, both tail lights still have blinkers, and reverse. Where to look next? 2015 usdm sti
  3. 2.5 Liter/Litre Factory Motor
    I just threw a new short block into my 2005 STI and am trying to get it to start now. The car is throwing codes. I’m unsure if it is put back together correctly and just wanted some feedback from more knowledgeable people. The car was torn apart 8 months ago and has a bigger turbo, injectors...
  4. Built Motor Discussion
    Hey guys need some some help , was looking to buy and built ej25 and there’s some evidence of scoring on the sides of the casing for the crankshaft. Could it just be from the old crank bearing that have been changed. If not what tests or checks should I do prior to buying?? and what should...
  5. Warranty / Service Issues
    At the start of 2022 I lost my 2020 sti due to an accident. Since that day I was looking for a new sti and I came across one at my local dealership. It was preowned certified I ended up getting the gold bumper to bumper package just in case yada yada. Well first week of having it check engine...
  6. General Subaru Discussion
    The header pretty much explain my situation. I just picked up a bone stock 2017 sti from a dealership in salt lake city, it cruised home perfectly fine, I checked the fluids and they were good, and it was perfectly fine the next day when I drove it. The morning after Its pretty cold out, and I...
  7. Warranty / Service Issues
    Took out the tranny to put a new clutch in and now the car won't go in reverse. The transmission shop replaced the transmission and 2 days later reverse stopped working again.. I believe it's the linkage but I want to hear someone else's thoughts.. Already 4k in the hole on this one.
1-7 of 7 Results