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  1. 2.5 Liter/Litre Factory Motor
    Hello, wanting to run headers on a 2017 sti. Wanting to know if I should run UEL or EL headers? Mainly looking at Tomei EL Headers but UEL do keep the rumble but i’ve heard a lot of bad things about them. Also would it be good to run the Cylinder 4 cooler if I ran UEL headers?
  2. Engine/Drivetrain/Performance Parts For Sale
    I've got a set of used ETS v2 headers i'm not in need of. I picked them up with the intention of upgrading from my Tomei header. But it will be a while before i get around to doing so and my dad is getting a little tired of how many car parts i have stored in his garage. So it's time to clear...
    $1,050 USD
  3. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    Hello, I am an '18 WRX Stage 1+ with 3.5 inch straight pipe catback and am looking to make more power but can only afford either a beast intercooler or headers but not both. IDC if the sound of the exhaust changes but just want to push a little more horsies. Anybody have any advice?
1-3 of 3 Results