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  1. Troubleshooting suggestions... LTFT adding a lot at idle, pulling a lot while cruising

    General Subaru Discussion
    I finally built my baby. I have an 07 STi that I built (head gaskets blew and consumed a quart of oil every 300 mi) and after a very bumpy road of dealing with "knock" during engine break in and troubleshooting, I finally tuned perfectly on 93 octane. I put one tank of E85 and it felt amazing...
  2. Major hesitation and loss of power at all RPMs.

    General Subaru Discussion
    Okay, where to start? First off, this is my first post in any forum of any kind. Second, I am pretty new to Subarus. So there is much I don't know and a lot I need to learn. I've worked on a few cars myself and have done a couple of small things on my 2016 STI such as cleaning the MAF and the...
  3. Id1050x injectors and fuel pump

    2.5 Liter/Litre Factory Motor
    Anyone running the id1050x injectors or similar along with a better fuel pump on a 2015+ sti WITH stock rails/lines. I need to upgrade fueling system but the lines and rails are spendy. I just have a turbo back exhaust, catless, and a cobb sf intake. I'm getting protuned via e-tune rn. I'm just...