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  1. Built Motor Discussion
    What’s up guys. I currently am in the process of building a new motor but am having some troubles on deciding the power band I should stay within. I’m pretty sure I’ll hold ~500-550hp comfortably as it won’t be my daily(minus time to break in the motor) but a track car. I’m still buying parts...
  2. 2015+ STI Discussion
    In bad traffic today, downshift from 3rd to 2nd at 22 mph and press throttle deep enough to building 3 pound of boost before rpm shots to over 3k rpm, this is bad lugging?
  3. 2.5 Liter/Litre Factory Motor
    Recently pulled the motor on my 04 sti since cylinder 4 decided to do cylinder 4 things. Blocks got 146k on it, pistons and cylinder walls look good and bearings seem good. Compression was good all around and cylinders 1-3 had about 4-5% leakdown. Kinda wanna take this thing apart fully as a...
  4. 2.5 Liter/Litre Factory Motor
    Can I run this set up without machining the heads and changing valves? does anyone No where I can get a repair book for 2021 sti
  5. 2.5 Liter/Litre Factory Motor
    Hello! I have a 2004 STI with 115k miles. My dad was driving it on our way to Michigan from Cincinnati Ohio, but the car only made it about 45 min. He said that when he would slow down and push in the clutch the motor would die. Then he would dump the clutch to get the motor running again...
  6. General Subaru Discussion
    Hi all, this is my first post here so please be patient with me. I have done a couple of hours of research to no avail. I am currently in the process of swapping the 257 from a '16 STI into my '11 GR WRX hatch chassis. I have swapped every single component with the exception of the rear...
  7. GR-General
    G'day guys! I've just recently bought an 08 STI Spec-R from a used car dealer (fortunately under warranty still), and I've just had to get the car towed back there to be repaired, although I am skeptical as their repairer is by no means a Subaru specialist or a performance specialist...
  8. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    Hello all, First all I tried to post on the classifieds but the website would not let me. I have a 04 sti with no engine what so ever. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get it on the road but as of right now I think buying a used long block is the best bet. I’m asking for either a 205 or...
  9. Built Motor Discussion
    Like the title said, if anyone can give some details about turbo which is supporting to 600whp, pump gas system, and all other necessary supporting mods, labor for rebuilding 600 whp STI? Just wanna gain some details before I down shop. Huge thanks!
  10. Built Motor Discussion
    Hi guys! just a quick question, I d like to know if anyone has any experiences with these 3 shops in ontario Canada? 1. NV Auto 2. Touge Tuning 3. Neetronics I m in western GTA, just looking for a reputable, knowledgable, professional, and reliable Subaru mechanic shop to rebuild EJ25, and do...
  11. General Subaru Discussion
    hi everyone just joined, I'm looking at purchasing a sti. I have found 2002 wagon that has an sti swap from a 2006 sti, the engine was rebuilt and has been running for 4k miles new short block from Subaru, heads were reconditioned new valves, springs, and seals, he has the receipts for...
  12. GD-General
    So really I'm just looking for some opinions from experienced owners of the car, I'm planning on buying the car as fun project/me time car. I have a daily driver for work and everything else. The car has a NEW ej257 2.5 L motor, forged internals, new turbo, new piping, fuel system, injectors...
  13. Pictures & Photography
    Here is my built 2005 STI with a bunch of goodies! Everyone loves a nice bay so post them up and show it off!
1-13 of 13 Results