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  1. GR-Members' Journals
    Kia Ora from New Zealand! Currently in the process of getting this thing fast(er), so before I go asking questions I thought a build thread would help! Car is flex-fuel tuned with dyno sheet below (E85). 326kw on E85 303kw on 98 (RON) Interior: DAMD Flat-Bottom Steering Wheel ATI Triple Gauge...
  2. Used STIs For Sale
    Open to US buyers. I have a 2006 USDM STI which has a COMPLETE Version 8 JDM STI swapped into it. That's the full engine full drivetrain including subframe all from a Japanese market import. (Yes 35:65 power split). The engine is DBW. Using the OEM ECU and engine harness this was only possible...
    $20,000 USD
  3. General Subaru Discussion
    Post moved to for sale! Thanks.
  4. GD-General
    Hey All, Trying to figure out what the heck I may have done, or if this is just remarkably poor timing. I'm still discovering the various things that the previous owner of my 2006 JDM STi A-Line did (or didn't do), and it feels like the lottery. One minute I'm noticing that the front strut...
  5. Built Motor Discussion
    Hello everyone. I have a Impreza WRX STI 2003 ej207 2.0 Car have 22.000 kilometers. Because I dont want to open the engine internals for more power, I want the best safe option to push the engine to the limit for more hp. 330 to 350 I believe is enough for enjoy the car if possible to reach...
1-5 of 6 Results