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  1. Catless Invidia downpipe to Invidia r400

    General Subaru Discussion
    Hey guys! I’ll be installing my catless downpipe probably next week and was wondering if there was an adapter or if I need to use a donut gasket for the downpipe to connect to the Invidia r400. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. FS FL GrimmSpeed Limited DP Coated and Heatshield

    Engine/Drivetrain/Performance Parts For Sale
    Hello to all, I have for sale the following parts for sale, They belonged to my Subaru STI MY17. I ma located in Miami Florida Grimmspeed LIMITED Downpipe Catted Ceramic Coated Black with less than 1,000 miles and less than 3 months. It also comes with Grimspeed gaskets (downpipe to turbo)...