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  1. Brake pads

    2015+ STI Discussion
    Hi! I’m in search of a couple of good street performance brake pads to fit my STI brakes. There are not a lot of 2015+ STI’s in my country, in fact I have the only silica crystal black STI of the country. At the moment I have the stock pads. I do have experience with Hawk pads. - HPS on my 2005...
  2. For sale: 2010 STi Brembo calipers AS-AS please read full description carefully.

    Brake Parts For Sale
    I am selling a full set of stock Brembo black brake calipers off of my 2010 STi (all 2 front 2 back). The bolts had seized and all had to be drilled out to remove them. Will post pictures soon. As such they are strictly sold as-is. You must be comfortable re-tapping them, or can find a place...
  3. Anyone had experience with Akebono Performance™ Ultra-Premium Ceramic?

    2015+ STI Discussion
    I have something worked out with a local tire shop. I had to get my brakes changed spontaneously and the brakes they had in shop were a notable downgrade from stock. The Akebonos were the best they can get. How do they compare to stock? I may end up eating the cost and going hawk or project mu...