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  1. General Subaru Discussion
    Hi I’m a newbie I’ve read 100 forums about my issue and can’t figure out what is causing this. I have a 2005 sti i bought this car recently and slowly been working on her. When i reset ecu i can get 3-4 pulls in at 14psi of boost before my ecu kicks in and puts me on 5-7 psi “wastegate” boost...
  2. 2015+ STI Discussion
    I have a 17 sti limited, in the past couple of weeks or so I’ve noticed a general loss in torque especially in S# also boost is struggling to peak at 17, I have around 60k miles and was originally thinking it could’ve been my clutch because the clutch pedal is definitely getting lighter but...
  3. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    2010 STI hatch 6 speed. 2.5T, catback exhaust, CAI. 91K miles. My issue is boost loss. So here’s what it does followed up with what I’ve already tried. It sometimes does it while im driving, in between shifts or I’ll have boost, turn the car off, go drive again later and it’s gone. But it cuts...
1-3 of 3 Results