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  1. General Subaru Discussion
    Recently got a 2016 sti and it won’t go past 8.9lbs of boost. I’m pretty knew to Subarus and couldn’t find a direct answer.
  2. GD-General
    I’m new to the forum but I just purchased an 05 STi last month. I can see it has an intake and exhaust on it but other than that I can’t tell if anything else has been modded but I’m almost certain there has been. I know they aren't accurate but I have an OBDII scanner tool and an app that can...
  3. GR-General
    Hello, I have a question. So not too long ago i had a turbo oil return line leak. I replaced it (had to take off the intercooler to access the line) but after doing so i ended up with a boost leak i replaced the intercooler piping and everything was back to normal. But now my boost levels are...
  4. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    I have a 2017 Subaru Wrx Sti, car is stock except it has an invidia catted downpipe on stock tune. Car is currently stuttering when trying to accelerate and is only boosting to 9psi , loss of power. No engine lights.
1-4 of 4 Results