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  1. Sanctioned Motorsports
    I competed in my first autocross event today, second event overall. Just been so busy this year and then the car build, so late start but better late than never. Anyway I there was 3 heats today and I ran in the first heat but worked the course on the 3rd heat....long day! The runs went fine and...
  2. 2015+ Member Journals
    I figured it was time to start a build post since I’m facing some downtime with a blown motor. I tend to be long winded in situations like this, so prepare for a “read”. I also want to keep this updated as I feel it may help someone, or maybe myself. Unfortunately I don’t have a ton of photos...
  3. USA - Northeast
    I decided to purchase a used 2018 WRX-STI from a local Sub dealer yesterday. I have them doing some last minute work on it before I pick it up (wheels were rashed, tire bubble). I didn't see any leaks or red flag issues but I did notice that the coolant level was at the low line. Since the...
1-3 of 3 Results