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  1. USA - SoCal
    Hi, new to the forums and can’t reply yet. Looking for an unmarried ap v3 sub 003 for my forester xt.
  2. ECU/Performance Electronics For Sale
    Unmarried accessport $450 obo
    $400 USD
  3. ECU/Performance Electronics For Sale
    Selling a Cobb AccessPort V3 SUB 003 UNMARRIED for $425 $4̶5̶0̶ $480 500 shipped to the US. Sold my 2008 STI hatch earlier this year and no longer need. Comes with original box and all attachments and cables. Multiple face plates. See pictures below. Can do Venmo or Paypal. If you want the...
  4. WTB/WTT Classifieds
    Looking for the OBD2 cable for an AccessPort V3. Please let me know if you have one, thanks.
  5. ECU/Performance Electronics For Sale
    Selling a Cobb AccessPort V3 SUB 003 UNPAIRED for $500 shipped to the US. Comes with OBDII cable, black and sliver face plate, case and car mount. Check if your car is compatible with the SUB 003 with Cobb's website by putting your car's information in and seeing which AP is offered for your...
  6. ECU Tuning & Performance Electronics
    I installed an IAG Street AOS on my 2013 STI a couple of weeks back and have been seeing high AF Learning 1 values since. I know I know, I probably didn't secure a vacuum hose, right? I smoked my intake tract using a halloween smog machine and probably took my intercooler and throttle body on...
  7. ECU Tuning & Performance Electronics
    So in a bit of a nutshell at the moment.Havent hooked up my accessport ever since i rebuilt my block but i left the obd2 cable hooked up the obd2 port ever since. Deciding that i wasnt going to get the car protuned and leave it stock i decided to unplug it to sell with the accessport but when i...
  8. ECU/Performance Electronics For Sale
    SOCAL/For Sale: COBB Accessport Ap3 Sub 004, COBB CAI with air box, Cobb Catted DP all for $950 Cobb Accessport and Cobb Intake are almost NEW.. Accessport is Unmarried of course :) TXT: 201-803-9141 In Los Angeles.
1-8 of 8 Results