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  1. 2015+ STI Discussion
    Hi My STI 2020 trunk light stop working after I replaced the OEM bulb with a Lastfit LED. I not sure if this problem is related with the change of the bulb. Also I tried with the OEM bulb and not work. I tested the plug with the multimeter and the voltage read is 0 volts. If anyone know what I...
  2. 2015+ STI Discussion
    SI drive flashing S, traction control, cruise control flashing. Installed ** Cobb- flex fuel sensor/ fuel pressure/ sf ram intake Turbo smart- FPR AEM- x-series UEGO gauge p/n 30-0300 Tomei- equal length header/up pipe TB6010-SB02B Grimmspeed- catted down pipe/ Ebcs Crawford - AOS v3 Injector...
  3. 2015+ STI Discussion
    So I have a '20 STI that comes with steering responsive headlights (SRH). I've been wanting to get some aftermarket headlights, but I don't want to get rid of the SRH. Subispeed's website mentions there's a sticker to cover up the SRH dash light for one of their products, but I didn't know if...
  4. Apparel, Accessories, & Non-Automotive Stuff
    I have been making illuminated plaques using a two layer design and being a subie guy I had to make one for the 2020 STI. If you'd like one for your car you can check them out at www.dupolux.com
  5. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    Hey guys, I just purchased a 2020 sti and i have been shopping around looking for rain guards. I looked at weather tech and they dont supply my car. Any recommendations??
1-5 of 5 Results