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  1. 2.5 Liter/Litre Factory Motor
    Howdy y’all, TLDR: 2019 sti 34k, oil sample with 3200 sent to black stone for analysis, came back with high copper and silver counts. Tech says these numbers don’t usually show up until around 3600-4000 miles on the oil. Asked about stepping up to a heavier weight and was given a wishy washy...
  2. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    I am quite new to this scene, I purchased a 2019 STI in 2019, currently 24k, and has been doing well, recently I have wanted to get a bit more out of the car to "scratch that itch" so to say. I have been reading around quite a bit and there are many things being thrown around as what to do and...
  3. ECU Tuning & Performance Electronics
    Does anyone have the stage 3 OTS map for a 2019 STi? It’s no longer available. Before anyone goes off about needing a pro tune I have someone who will be tuning the car but need the stage 3 OTS as a starting point.
  4. 2015+ STI Discussion
    Hello I have a 2019 sti that I’m looking to finish. I want to get the most fun out of my car while being the most reliable it can be and still get my money’s worth of miles out of the car. Right now I have the Cobb sf air intake+ box and the cat back exhaust. Also I have a cylinder 4 cooling...
  5. FAQ/Newbie Forum
    Hey guys, I’m new to Subaru’s and this is my first boosted car. I’m taking all the right steps to making this daily driver reliable and fun. My plans with the car is protune in a month in a half with PDXTuning once I can get ahold of the Cobb 1050x top feed injectors. I just purchased AP...
1-5 of 5 Results