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  • DomBeezy ·
    Hello! i was referred to you from a post i created about my car sputtering. I have a 2015 STI and I installed the ID1000cc injectors yesterday and got my car pro tuned so i wasn't running too rich. i installed the DW65c fuel pump last week and have been driving everyday since then with no issues with the fuel pump. After getting my car pro tuned on the drive back when accelerating at lower RPMs (2500-3200) if I'm not on full throttle my car sputters and i have to back off the throttle and shift up earlier than i wanted. What could be causing this? i think its either 1.) the injectors were too big for a stock turbo which I'm going to upgrade in the near future. 2.) the tune was set to high and didn't take into affect the lower RPM driving. Please help! Little side note, when the car sputters my air fuel ratio jumps up and varies differently from 17,19,18 all over the place.
    bytor ·
    I'm not sure I understand this "visitor messages" thing. Are you asking rculose about a stock crank or is he asking you? Or asking anyone who reads it?

    Sweet 95 there, and if it's you asking, I could've SO hooked you up about a month ago. I had a 95 parts car with only 85k on the engine. Sold the whole car for $500.

    I had 4, one of which was a blue 94 AT that was my daughter's first car, and the 95 was the donor to keep it going.

    Now I'm down to my 89 I'm converting back to daily-driver duties (basically just taking it out of it's mothballed status of 6 years and giving it some love) and its 89 parts car, both MT's, and, this came as a huge surprise to me recently when I happened to be in the manlift and looked down at the parts car, it's a hardtop! I've NEVER seen a SHO without a moonroof. I'm eyeing it now as a track toy since it's not wrecked. It just has a really tired engine.
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