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  • Cowklate ·
    Hi thundercamel, i have a serious problem at hand right now due to my own stupidity. I recently went back to my home country for 3 whole months and has forgotten to ask anyone to start my car on regular interval or to disconnect the wires to the battery. As a result, my battery is dead.

    I got back this morning and asked someone to help me jumpstart my car. However, the alarm seems to be activated when the wire connects. It seems that the alarm system has been reseted as it does not allow me to punch in the codes when my keys are already turned.

    Btw, i own a 2002 WRX STi, and since you own one as well, i thought you might understand better. Do email me at [email protected], i can send you some pictures of the alarm too if you wish.

    Thanks in advance.

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