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  • RaDa1 ·
    I see that your the fitment guru and in need of you guidance!
    I got an 2010 fr Sti hatch
    I picked up a set of
    18x10 +25 wheels
    Htauto fender flares and I'm in need of a set of tires im looking for the wide meaty tire look if u can recommend a size that would work with
    My bc coilovers and megan lower control arms . Without running too much camber as I am looking for function and a good ride quality at the same time pull off the febder flares perfect please!!!!! I greatly appreciate any input you have ! Thank you!
    T3h_Clap ·
    they are currently out of production until the new molds are done. Email/PM me and I'll put you on the contact list i've bee putting together for when they are done.
    DrGirlfriend87 ·
    OH and I'm on stock height and everything and plan on keeping it that way for a bit. I will get coilovers in the future but I'm not going to lower.
    T3h_Clap ·
    To fit a +28mm you'll need more then -2.0. The +28mm is simply too low an offset, unless you're going for the slammed/cambered/slow look. Shoot me a PM we can chat about options.
    Piroxide ·
    Figured I'd save time and post to you directly. I have a set of RE30's in Hyper Bronze (18x9.5+28)from my RX-8. Finally getting my '14 STi Hatch next week. Short of going to airbags, or slammed coilovers Cambered out (F/R-2.0 or more), are they a viable option with 245 tires, or should I cut my losses and sell them, and get CE28N's/etc in more practical sizes? I'm having a hard time giving up wheels that weigh 16.9lbs each. Not me mention I love the look! Thanks!
    stiguy08 ·
    Thanks for the response. I went with the enkei pf01 18x9.5 45mm. I think I could do the fender work myself, but I found a guy not to far from me that's got a roller and has done it for other people so I should be ok. When the time comes for new tires would you go with a 255 or 265?
    Scargo ·
    I want to express my appreciation for the help you gave me. I was very helpful in getting a good solution for what I could shoehorn under my race car for a reasonable amount of money!
    T3h_Clap ·
    the wheel will be in the same place, but the tire wont be and you'll be rubbing all over the place. Plus to run +35mm you need coilovers, fender work, rear bumper clip modifications and camber. The +15mm is also going to wreck havoc on the handling of the vehicle, being that narrow of the wheel it's going to cause some serious problems that you wont be able to "tune" out with suspension.

    Why not the 18x9.5 +38mm Work Emotion CR Ultimates? Roll the fenders and you're good. Shoot me a private message and we can go into more detail.
    vincent_driver ·
    Thanks for your answer on my wheel question I get that what I want to look at is actually how the tires and going to come out next to the fenders.

    On this picture he fitted 18x10 +35: http://theattack.rallysportdirect.com/gallery/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=11796&g2_serialNumber=4

    Aren't they coming out the exact same as 18x8.5 +15 would? Because the offset is higher but the mag itself is 1.5" less.

    Basically my girlfriend wanted to fit TSW tanaka wheels with the stock tires on and roll the fenders, will it be possible? Cause she wants concave wheels
    ryn ·
    Hey Drew,

    Thanks again for all your help! Will definitely keep you posted on how things turn out
    T3h_Clap ·
    I'll spread the word down here Jake, the Caymans seem to like to break. A buddy of mine has one and it's in the shop more than it autox's. :(
    Jake Zimmerman ·
    I know you know someone who wants some JDM cusco goodness. Help me sell that H brace :D

    Oh and my mom might be trading the cayenne gts on a cayman s (totally would autox it)

    So tires might be a bit later as they would be going on a cayman :)
    littlefluffybunnies ·
    /claps hands
    it never gets old :)

    how you doing?
    how are you still in your twenties!?! it's not fair.

    i'm being all sentimental and stuff.. who knew i had a soft side
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