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  • vindiCAtor ·
    Hey, I saw a post of yours where you were changing the tranny fluid on your STi using a drum of Extra-S. Would you happen to have any left from that drum? I'm looking to buy some and it's not available anywhere.
    Blaze00 ·
    I seen your write up on installing motor mounts on a gr. My wifes gr was acting like it had a broken mount, but when I looked the nut and washer just fell off. Do you know what size the nut and what kind of washer I need to get? Its the bottom driver side mount that the stud sticks through the cross member.

    chasetheking ·
    who was your dealer? I always hear people say they paid that, but I dunno, maybe i just paid too much...i paid 32 flat w delivery for the SE. how could u talk them down that much? where did the price conversation start, and how did u get that much off?
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