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  • AngryHerby ·
    Hey man, this is mike, we met yesterday at the back of Wal-Mart parking lot. You introduced yourself to my friend and I while we were having issues with his sti. He ended up getting it towed back home. He thinks he messed up his ecu. He was trying to uninstall the accessport v3 and did it wrong. Had car running, doors open , unplugged it.

    Well anyway just figured I'd say hi, your a pretty cool guy. If you have a facebook, instagram, or YouTube you can follow me on there @AngryHerby (i have a 73 beetle with a big block V8 in the front)

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    Brettnrs423 ·
    Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for the response. I dug further and they are in business but haven't distributed to the US for over 2 years so I won't be able to get the part easily. I also have no point of contact other than an international phone number which I can't call at work. Where would you suggest getting the lines/fittings to make my own line? My concern is I do not know how much restriction to add into the line if any at all given that the SR55 is a ball bearing turbo. Not sure if there is a restrictor in the turbo itself, the banjo bolt, or the feed line or all three! I'm trying to find specs for the garrett gt30r turbo since the SR55 is based on that. If you have any more info that would be most appreciated. Thanks.

    Neanderthal Racing ·
    Hey Fritz!

    Thanks for the props but your sister knows more about tuning than i do. You can afford to be ignorant in this area when you have Phil doing your tuning.

    I would go straight to wolfplayer for any ap questions. Let me know how it goes.

    fritz ·
    hey man, i see you on here alot and you seem to always give solid information. i've been searching all over the web and can't find any baseline datalogging parameters. i know what to log and how, what i'm interested in is for the cobb ap and what the acceptable ranges would be when logging. do you know of anywhere to find this kind of information? thanks for your time
    babypanda ·
    Hey Bruce,
    its JC from xx, hows the car treating you? listen i got the email of the person you need to contact about the take-down seminar its [email protected] if anything also contact 860 545 7064 and ask to be transferred to Jere Dittric's extension.
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