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Socko's 2011 WRB WRX STi Sedan
Socko's 2011 WRB WRX STi Sedan
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Default Socko's 2011 WRB WRX STi Sedan

This is going to serve as a place for me to put all my feelings about the car as I learn it so i can use it to figure out what mods i want to do and what problems i need to solve. Possibly also as a referance for other people. I am an opinionated prick so if you don't want to read what I have to say please don't read it. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation need not apply in this thread. KTHX!!
All pics taken by my brother. I don't know about cameras.

Just some pics of the old and new to start with

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Socko's 2011 WRB WRX STi Sedan-rufus-sti-collar-jpg  

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Default Re: Socko's 2011 WRB WRX STi Sedan

xxx=go xxx=stop xxx=suspention/handling/bushing xxx=random xxx=Not yet completed

Stuff done!
1. 9/28 cglock installed. Dont have to worry about falling out of the window anymore!!
2. 9/30 sti valve stem caps installed. SO WHAT!!!!
3. 9/30 extremecontact dws's on stock rims for winter installed
4. 10/2 rack bushings Installed. Thanks for getting them shipped so fast TIC
5. 10/5 jdm elbow rest deal installed
6. 10/7 GR seat back bolsters Socko Style
7. 10/8 r205 black fender badges
8. 10/16 RCE sways
9. Gauge pod/s(MB 60mm pod from rallysport)
10. 11/28 Rallyarmor flaps
11. 12/7 rt-615
12. 12/15 AP Installed stage 1
13. 2/7/11 nameless performance muffler deletes
14. 3/12 acpt cf ds
15. 4/1 Installed odyssey 625 no issues with starting in the 30's
16. 4/2/2011 TIC trans crossmember bushings, whiteline diff bushings installed today, review below.
17. 4/8/11 Got my rims yesterday and got them mounted and balanced today and fenders rolled.
18. Front camber bolts installed, pretty easy to do used the sheet on nasioc for instructions and torqued to spec of 77 ft/lbs.
19. Got an alignment, ended up with -2.1/-2.1 0/-.01 front and -1.2/-1.3 +.01/0 rear. Really makes a huge differnce not having -.25 to -.43 toe like i had when he put it on the machine hahaha
20. 5/1-5/2 Braided brake lines/fluids feels good. Have the pads jsut waiting to put them on till closer to the track day
21. 5-31 installed giro disc rotors and carbotech xp10's last night. WOW that 11 lbs lost on the front axel makes a VERY noticable difference. The car feels signifigantly quicker now.
22. 6-15 swaped front pads to carbotech bobcats for the street.
23. 7-30 Installed maddad 3-in-1 in MB gr pod.
24. 9-23 Tic Holy shift kit.

Stuff sitting in my kitchen!!
grimmspeed ebcs. Recieved 3/24 waiting to install till its warm enough to need the wgdc and tune for it.

Nearish future
1. Going to rip apart the seats and try to build some bolsters into the *** of the drivers seat. Once I get around to it i will post pics of the process.
2. A/O Separator (will be Crawford)
4. Power steering cooler


X. Wideband for tuning in clustermaker gauge pod with oil pressure
X. Weight reduction(hopefully get the car to around 3000 one day)
X. More Bushings
X. A way to adjust rear camber
X. Seats??
X. Injectors/pump/turbo(blouch 1.5 is looking like the big winner here)
X. HP/Weight ratio(8/1 at the wheels is the dream but 10/1 by 2013 is the goal atm :P)
Trying to keep these in order so I know what to move up when a list gets empty

Still working on figuring out what parts i need in the future.

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Default Re: Socko's 2011 WRB WRX STi Sedan

9/27/10 Had a financing appointment at 6:30 ended up talking to my salesman for 20-30 minutes. Guys name is Grant, he has been great with my constant pestering. He is youngish so a bit scatter brained but he didn't give me a hard time for staying on him and is actually a nice guy, I would highly recommend him. The financing process was effortless and i got 2.9% for 72 months so my payment is under $400 a month (after my trade)which is nice and what I wanted. Left the dealer at 7:30 PM got the car with 8 miles.Put 65+ miles on the car that night without ever going over 45mph.(painful)

9/28/10 Second day of owning the car. Need to put some food in my belly and put more miles on it for break in. I have some initial driving impressions I will post some time this week. More or less I am quite happy with the car but it needs some rack bushings before winter!!! more to come.

8pm update
The steering is a bit light but not as bad as my brothers 09 wrx. It is pretty decent. It does need rack bushings. There are some odd characteristics if you are turning the wheel a good bit making a corner and hit a bump. There is a ****ton of feedback in the wheel that will try to knock you off path. Weird, somewhat hard to describe, possibly alignment related. The car does hold lines super well. Compared to my bugeye I have a ton more body roll but the 245's and suspention changes make this car pretty respectable. The dampening is crazy, makes sense that you can up the rates a fair amount, the car is very over dampened at under 45. The car has a retarded amount of grip for stock, I have been tring my hardest to stay out of the turbo which means you can't hold speed through a hard corner, but I haven't heard any tire squeeling yet.

The seat are ****ing terrible. I want my bug eye seats back. They are a little too wide for me as I'm fairly slender but the back isn't the bad part. I never realized how awesome my bugeye seat bottoms were. I knew the back part held me in but the bottom is hugely missed, my *** is sliding all over and I am not even getting on the car yet. Honestly its idionic, I am putting in my cg-lock now, just stopped home to pee and grab the cg lock and throw up some notes its that terrible.

The headlight bounce around over bumps which is pretty annoying. Hopefully there is something in the how-to's to fix it. My orciari lights for my wrx didn't do that nonsense. The headlights are too low which i have read before. Will have to fix it tomorrow in the day.

Still very happy with the car over all. Up to 115 miles now.(still painfully driving like a grandma. Good news is even with a bunch of idling and stoplight time I am at over 20 mpg. )

11 pm update
The transmission is AWESOME. shifting feels so smooth, no nonsense randmon clunky feeling. Super smoth super fast. The shifter feels a bit too high but the gates are more than close enough for me, i have never been a short shifter guy though. I think with the arm rest riser it will help get the driving position all dealt with.

Clutch is amazing. I have driven stick since i was 16 and I must say my bugeye was the hardest car to drive smooth I ever drove, even compaired to some cars with cable clutches and my 80 ford pickup with what I believe was mechanical linkage. If this clutch truely holds 400 ft/lbs subaru did a wonderful job in making it effortless to drive. It isnt heavy but its heavy enough you know its there, and enguagement has enough feed back you can tell whats going on.

Brakes are very good. Don't notice the hill assist thing as i never break to a stop i always roll that last little bit. When I deliberately enguaged it the function is nice if you hold the brakes till you go again, but i really never do that unless i am on a steep hill so not super useful for me though it is nice the 1 or 2 times it worked. But It only holds for a couple seconds, which is weirdish. cause i think i have the car stopped then it starts rolling back. Will just take a bit of getting used to im sure. Got used to never breaking to a complete stop for the short while i was running race pads on the street and never really got away from it. Initial bite leaves something to be desired, but I am going to give it some time to get used to them as they do seem to go from *****cats with minimal pressure to crazy death lock power with heavy pressure. Have not really got on them hard yet just enough to feel a tiny bit of abs. which seems much nicer than my wrx's abs was. Pedal doesnt spaz all over and do crazy ****. Just a little noise and lots of stopping. None of that weird feeling of losing break power for a second when the abs kicks in like people always complained about with wrx's way back in the day.

Pedal position is a bit different than my bugeye so I am having a bit of an issue heel toeing. I just drove that way every day in my wrx and I notice its a litter more difficult to do today with the sti. Although i am wearing my DC srt usa volcano's with the "subaru rally team usa" label on the side. only worn them maybe 3 days now so it could be the shoes, will check it out more tomorrow.

CGLOCK is a life saver. Well at least saves my seats lifes as it makes me not feel like I am forced to become violent with the seats and stab or shoot them or some such crazyness. It isn't the best thing ever as i think it sort of makes me have to pee a bit cause its pushing on my bladder all the time. But it made a night and day difference in how i felt turning the car. And its survivable for me for 3 hours I would think it would be fine all the time so $40 well spent.

Telescoping wheel is great as i have long legs so it helps me get in a position it is comfortable to clutch and still make me stay back in the seat to help with the poor seat control.

I mode wants you to be in 6th at 1600 rpm more or less if you shift when the light comes on. Somewhat silly, but the car is very easy to drive smooth in it with minimal throttle. So I plan to use it till i get to 500 miles.

174 total miles. Figure best to call it a night now as Drunks are likely out and about and I'm a bit tired. Got a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Likely steal my brothers gps and cruise around a bit more.

Oh yeah I decided I am going to single handedly bring back the thumbs up in the milwaukee area. Everyone did that **** when i got my wrx but its super uncommon now. So I am throwing my thumb up at all wrx's and sti's i see for the next few months in an effort to bring it back. :P So if you see some retard in a 11 wrb sti spazticly making hand jestures at you in the milwaukee area its me tring to give you a thumbs up.

9/29/10 2pm
258 total miles now.

The 2.5 liters torque is so excelent preboost compared to the 2l makes the car driveable at under 2.5k honestly its not lugging at 2k in 4th or less with grandma throttle. It is very nice.

The car will stay in I mode when its turned off, may be common knowledge, I had read settings reset but not I apparently. vdc and diff settings need to be reset if you turn off the car though. Haven't tried s# yet to see if it stays after the car is turned off.

Stock radio is survivable. Bluetooth isn't very great with my phone but the usb works really well so I am going to go that way. Stock radio has plenty of power that you can hear it on the freeway with the windows open unlike my buddies 08 wrx was, but no idea how bad distortion is. I may try putting in decent high sensitivity door speakers instead of putting my sub back in. When i took the sub out of my wrx after 6+ years I instantly noticed the change in balance of the car due to the loss of 40 lbs from its ***. Makes me want to put in a light battery and rip off the u brace and bumper beams asap. I am too much of a wuss to do it though

9/29/10 4:30Pm 298 miles
Throttle by wire is no where near as cumbersome as i thought it would be. I really thought i would notice it a ton but I don't think i can tell at all. Then again could be relative to grandma style driving.

The bars on the dash for the center diff controls look pretty fancy. really make no difference I could notice just putt putting around.
The exhaust has a bit of a drone in the 1500ish rpm range. Sounds super low and rumbley. Pretty awesome for stock. cant wait to open it up and see how it sounds.

Between the crap little fake window and the spoiler there is what appears to be a monsterous blind spot on the right side. Going to have to work out something to deal with it.

The cars turnin is phenominal but it really highlights the fact that the rack isn't quick enough. It feels like i am breaking into a corner super fast but then i need to steer a ****ton to get through it. It is a weird feeling. Hopefully just have to get used to it.

Had the car up to 65 on some county highways. Dampening still feels quite compitent but its balancing out at that speed. Just quickly jerking the wheel back and forth quick doesnt cause any uneasyness that occured on my wrx sometimes at high speeds if i just ripped the wheel back and forth a few times really hard. It seemed at times my wrx would get unsettled, maybe is the right word. Even though the sti rolls way more if you redirect it it just gets in line and goes where you point it with urgency. It is quite satisfing.

The center of the steering is the vauge part, which is what i have read will be fixed by rack bushings so that should really make the steering great. Just need to decide if i want bars before winter or not.

Brakes are pretty spectacular if you put your foot in it hard. So I think I will hold off on pads till I find an issue with the stockers.

Hill assist is actually pretty nice it only really activates when I need it.

9/29/10 10:30pm

What is with the no coin drawer. I threw some change in there in the drive threw in the dark and it just fell on the floor. There is room in the fuse box area for a coin tray but neither my car or my brothers has it. Going to have to see if its a jdm only option or it i just screwed up and didn't get that option or what. no good place to put change in that car with no ashtray or coin drawer.

This thread makes me sad No ash tray = no coin holder!?
Time to get some plastiweld and build one in there myself i guess. The fuses are set far enough back for it to be there. maybe i will check a regular nonturbo impreza at the dealer tomorrow.

What is with people driving around with their brights on. then i flash my brights at them they don't respond so then i just hold my brights on and they still don't respond. Stop texting people and pay the **** attention or something. JEES

401 miles getting pretty comfortable with the car. Getting there, excited to start putting a beatdown on the car!!!

Have to get used to looking through that crap little window. Seems it is there to deal with the right side blind spot.

Was feeling around the bottom on the seat and I think i can fabricate something to build bolsters into it. Just strip the cushion and tack in a bit of lip on each side under the foam to build a bit of a bolster. I am thinking an inch to inch and a half of height from the front of the seat about half way back would be adequate I can feel a metal frame under there so it shouldn't be a huge undertaking. Going to need to scour the forums and see if anyone has done this yet.

9/30/10 11am 443miles
Just got back from getting the summer replaced with extremecontact dws's. As I have read the sidewalls are much softer. really makes the car ride nice. They feel pretty damn sticky as well. Didn't check pressure I am sure i need to add some air so it will liekly tighten up a bit. Hopefully they last for a while. i have a tendancy to destroy the outside edge of my all seasons. Though I am sure the suspention on my wrx didn't help that any either.

I am still keeping low throttle and 4k max rpm but letting the car build a little boost regularly now, using maybe 1/4 throttle more regular vs minimal throttle as my standard. Planning to work to 5k then 6k rpm with 1/4 throttle today yet in the next 200 miles. then put about 50 on it with max throttle of 1/2 and 50 at 3/4. Then just roll around driving not full bore, but having fun, till my oil change wednesday.

Checked at the dealer this morning and even the standard imprezas dont have coin trays in the fuse box. the angle of the dash is such that it opens too far to really work well so i assume thats why they dont have it there. Going to have to work out something.

9/30/10 6 pm 594 miles
Started pushing the car a bit. still in I, upped my shift point max to 5000 rpm and half throttle. Car is really getting exciting. which caused the change in throttle for my breakin strat to go straight to 50%. Obviously these cars strive on boost. and it feels great making some boost. such smooth power. Car sounds excelent. The beauty of the chassis really becomes obvious at speed. At the same time you come to the limits of adhesion at 70-80mph fairly easly on the twisties. The need for swaybars becomes apparent. still havent putzed with diff settings or vdc. Had the vdc kick in in a round about at about 45. went into it deliberately too fast. no curb and tons of grass to deal with any catastophies. rolled into it to the right at around 50 and came off the throttle. weight shifted forward and car was biting but when i went to turn left to start going around the *** end came around i started counter steering for a fraction of a second and the vdc grabbed the *** end then i just went back to holding my line and went right through it exiting under throttle at about 45. Exilerating!!!! and sorta scary.

dude at the shop set my tire pressure to 38 all around which was nice of him and is good start, may go a bit higher but I dont know if i care to push the all seasons too far. tires don't seem to be rolling to bad even through i have put them into understeer a few times so hopefully they will last.

Swaybars need to be put on the list. dont know about before winter but needs to happen eventually. I think the car being flat will help keep it from losing grip in these weight shifting situations.

it is hard to desccribe but the car responds exactly like forza. haha sorry i know its a dumb thing to say but best i can describe it. My wrx would just grip then not grip. Dont know what caused it likely the intense tightness of the suspention. I have felt this car push and suck in in sweepers relative to throttle/brake. It is fairly remarkable, just feels so awesome.

Breaking is limited by the dws's to some degree it is still awesome but abs comes on sooner. The abs is so awesome. Nothing like the questionable system in the wrx. when abs happens one tire may be howling while the others are still just working fine, it is confadnce inspiring. if you brake over a bigger bump it doesn't just spazticly activate abs even though the tire never leaves the ground either.

Forgot to mention the guy at the dealership that did my tires was really cool. He actually invited me under the car to take a look. Like an idiot i didnt get a good look at the rack which will have bushings done asap. everything is so beefy. looks so nice and clean. Did all 4 in 45 mins and he didnt even start right when i got there. no scratches on the rims. he is the only one allowed to drive the sti's there, thats what he told me at least. So he must be a trusted tech. seemed to know what he was doing and he has a wrx with some mods so it makes me trust him more. was telling me about putting on a down pipe and some other stuff. Fun guy to talk to and another strong point for sommers.

Front brakes have made some squeels when backing out of my garage real slow. no issues driving yet so i assume its just the fact that the pads aren't bargain basement. I found once i started playing with pads on the wrx that real pads make noise so I am not at all concerned yet.

Car is pretty ****in dirty. stupid being in the 70's and bugs all over.

Bringing the thumbs up back is going well. cought a few people and most hit me back. Hit some adult woman in 06-07 wrb wrx wagon with the thumbs up and she was looking over. Likely not a forum member but still pretty funny. Hey mom THUMBS UP ON THE WRX!!!!

Oh yeah genious move on subarus part to build a clip for the gas cap into the gas door so it doesn't have to rub on the paint. GG subaru.

All pedifiles should drive sti's. Had half a dozen teenage males have ****fits while driving tring to get their phone cameras to get a picture real quick.

9/30/10 10pm 650 miles
Got a car wash and bought some detailing ****.
Set my personal rev limit to 6000 at 630miles. only got up there a few times with some boost. car feels flat in I up high. Assume it feels flat it any mode up high as the cars with stock tunes are known for that. going to push for 750 tomorrow and then do my first oil change this weekend. Hopefully rack bushings too if I get them tomorrow.

Brakes seem to squeal at low speed in reverse always. curious, still not really concerned.
really need swaybars car rolls a lot when your pushing it and throwing it around a good amount.

10/1/10 2pm 720 miles
Car is deceptivly fast. I was thinking there were handling issues at speed now that I have been working the car more. But I think its just the fact that I'm going way too damn fast, just has a differnt percieved speed than my wrx. I assume its due to the refinement of the vehical. The car is much more home at high speed on county roads then in tight corners though. well if nothing else i am much more comfortable with it at 70-80 in some sweepers than at 40 making a right hand corner. Hopefully sways will help a lot with it, I am certantly not used to any body roll.

Having window frames is sort of nice, car is pretty quiet inside with the windows up.

The turbo certantly makes the car go but the way boost builds makes it feel much more natural than my stage 2 wrx. Feels like alot more motor and alot less turbo. My wrx was 100% turbo, no turbo ment super slow. But this car feels decent anywhere. It really is a nice upgrade.

The way the dash lights adjust is somewhat odd. I dont know why the brightness adjusts when the lights are off. should just be full blast all the time imo in the day and then adjustable with the lights on. It isn't a huge issue just somewhat odd. Though i guess I'm not used to having dash lights in the day so i assume its just how it works.

Car is pretty flat up top. cant wait for the stage 1 map going to have to order it monday hopefully it is all still on target and getting done tomorrow.

Going to change my oil tomorrow and call breakin done. Excited to feel free to get on it. Honestly after running my wrx for 6-8 weeks stock I am pretty sheepish at going all out on the sti. its some cross between power and knowing i still owe a crapton for it I think.

Haven't played with it a ton but the car does seem to feel much better with vdc off when your pushing it. It may be slower(no idea) but I am just not used to my car driving for me.

10/2 3:45
Changed oil today at 800 miiles. Also installed rack bushings. The rack bushings are a great part, really clean up the steering a great deal. It was a bit of a pain but actually really easy, and my alignment is fine. I also didnt pull the splines all teh way out of the steering setup cause honestly i didnt know how to. There were some extra lines under the rack that werent in the instructions. dont know if its a 2011 change or what. Everything still went in and out fine and fairly easily as i take my time and it still took under 2 hours. I think the hardest thing was getting the stock oil filter off, eventually i gave up and just made a mess and pushed a screwdriver into it and turned it off that way. The original filter was black and a fraction bigger than the blue ones from the dealer. Going to have to see if i can find them on the intraweb. Also the drain plug doesn't use a washer anymore. It is possible all this is gr stuff but its new to me.

once i got done with all that stuff i went out for the first wide open use on the car. S mode feels quite good actually, specifically up top compared to I. Really happy with the stock power of the car. with the vdc all the way off and the diff to rear you can get the car to rotate without a huge amount of fuss. with stage 2 power it would be easy, maybe even stage 1. But as it the car just seems to have too much overall traction to let it oversteer a ****ton at speeds i am willing to go on city streets.

I wasn't really able to notice a difference between s and s#. s# just seems to make the throttle position 2x what it is on s. I would rather have the throttle control so s seems more reasonable. Possibly its a tiny bit faster but just ****ing around it seemed same fast with the pedal to the floor.

Put on my jdm center console riser. Wow its great. I feel anyone thinking about getting one should do it. It is stock so its super solid and nice. It only takes a few screws to remove old and put in the new. all very easy. took 10 minutes. Makes the shifter not feel tall anymore. Well worth the $180 shipped. Glad I bought it.

I would say the car builds boost much later than I am used to with a stage 2 2.0l wrx. Hoping that stage 1 can fix that. If not i may end up being forced into stage 2 sooner than expected. We will see what Jorge comes up with in his stage 1 map. I am actually pretty happy with the cars power. Just want it sooner.

Mileage can be real **** if you're getting on the car something regular. I'm at like 17 mpg for the 13 miles on my tank now. A short range i know but still will be interesting too see what i get feeling free to use all the power the car has.

Car is only flat uptop in I mode. In S it really feels good at 4k+. Just need that 3-4k power I am craving.

Both front brakes make a constant squeel when cold. For the first 3-5 seconds of light breaking then it goes away and doesn't happen again. Assume it is relative to the quasi aggressive brake compound. We will see if it gets worse or stays the same, not too concerned as both sides do it. It goes away with just over 1 rotation of the tire under the lightest breaking.


Did the seat mod tonight and now have rear bolsters. Now to get around to doing some work on the seat bottoms. I assume they wont be nearly as simple to fix but I think a bit of welding should be able to make them work. Just need to get around to it. The seats will last me till next year as it. they feel ok now.

Ordered RCE swaybars. Just decided there are not any better bars avalible(hollow, welded on stays, reputable manufacturer) and I doubt they will go down in price so why wait. Once I get the sways on I will see if i want to buy the whiteline rear bar reinforcers. I assume they will effectivly stiffen up the rear bar so if I feel I need that I will get them.

Broke 1k miles yesterday. Very happy with the car even after getting the first payment form in the mail saturday. Talked to P&L today about stage 0. They are in testing for the hatch map and said it should be available friday figuring they dont need to tweak the map any more. They are building a sedan map this week some time. They said they will want to log it for at least a week before it goes retail. They havent set a price yet but are considering giving it away with the purchase of an AP. They also already have a plan for an upgrade path to 1.5 if you buy the AP and stage 0 from them. So looks like it will work out jsut as i hoped. Now i jsut need to wait a couple more weeks. As they say, good things come to those who wait!

Been doing some research on bumpsteer. Seems it is affected by toe so I am hoping that is my issue. now jsut to find someone local to do an alignment that can be trusted.

In my bumpsteer reading numerous people said rack bushings fixed it. I did the majority of my driving before i got the rack bushings on the 5th day i had the car. Last night i decided to try to get the car to have big bumpsteer issues and i couldn't. Not ready to say it is fixed yet but it is possible the rack bushings did fix it. Going to try to take some higher speed corners today and really feel for it. If rack bushings fix that and make teh steering feel so much more crisp for $63 they could be about the best bang for the buck mod ever!

I dont think rce shipped my sways yet and i think ****in fedex lied and they wont be here. I better get them this week i am ready to be installing them this weekend damnit!!!!

Shifting fast almost feels better than shifting slow. This tranny continues to amaze me. Quick 1-2 shifts at 6kish rpm feel so perfect. Close gears are so damn nice compared to the huge difference in 1-2 on my 03 wrx. No harshness, no diff cluncking, no need to wait for the rpms to drop a bit or use the clutch to pull the motor down to speed. Just in-shift-out so smooth, so quick, so great. Broke 1000 miles 10/10/10.

Got my RCE sways today. Plan to install them tomorrow. Freakin EXCITED!!!!!!! reveiws tomorrow!!1

Been putzing with the eq in my radio. Either the door speakers actually broke in a good bit(not a believer in $5 speaker break in) or i just wasn't really listening to them when i was doing break in but they sound pretty damn good after a little tweeking. I mean its no sort of audiophile grade system, but for a car that originally came to this country with no speakers the radio is actually acceptable. I may be able to deal with no sub. I am hoping cause I want to keep the damn weight down. If I do need one i may get real tricky with an 8". I have something i am working in my head. It envolves an 8" L5 solobaric, a REAL tight fit, and I am sure what would end up being a big pain. So avoiding it would be great! That or coaxials in the front and titanium tweeters in the stock tweeter spots(i like it tinny :P) and 6.5" kickers in the rear doors.

Installed sway bars. Install went very easy. About 2.5 hours with a couple smoke/drink breaks and messing with my dog a bit. Front end links look identical to the ones I had on my 03 wrx stock. They lasted 3 or 4 years with my hotchkis bars and prodrives so I think these will be ok for a while. Set both bars to full hard no reason to screw around with them imo. The car isn't as flat as my wrx but linear springs had a lot to do with that i am sure. The ride quality of the sti is a hell of a lot better as well, driving downtown for work everyday I don't mind giving up a little to have a comfotable daily driver. Yes I am getting soft in my old age :P. You can feel the bars a bit over heaved concrete seams and whatnot but it is by no means bad. Most driving its not noticeable. The control the bars add is great. I didn't get to drive around a ton, planning to take the trip up to watch some track event at road america tomorrow so hoping to get more of a chance to get a feel for them. My dws's are pretty talkative tires, I couldnt get them to make a peep on the street the bars make a pretty huge difference. Even though the car still has some roll its so controlled in transition now, just settles right away. I will do more testing tomorrow but they seem great. The car also feels very blanaced. its not *** happy at 30-60 mph you just turn the wheel and it turns. RCE obviously did some work in engineering these bars, its not just some slopped together ****. I was concerned they were tuned for the old gr springs possibly and that my car may respond oddly to them but so far they seem to be well behaved and well balanced. Well worth the money!!! I am happy about the fact that I have compitent street suspention for 2.5 hours of work and under $450 shipped. I see no reason to go any further for the street than this, will have to wait till next year after some track time to see about what, if anything, to do next.

Went to road america yesterday to watch the MVP track time event there. Was super awesome, will definately have to participate next year. Spectating was cool cause there was almost noone there moving around and it was FREE. So we had the whole track to ourself, neat chance to really get around and see everything. Looked like a ton of fun and no one was doing anything too scary. Tons of nice cars, saw a black gd sti out there tearing it up and a blue 04 or 05 with the front strut out of it in the pits all day. I didnt really like how close all the cars where started but other than that it was a really neat event. I saw lots of people waving people by for passing and whatnot so I got a good feel for how it works.

Got some more chance to test the sways out. Seems if you get too much weight going forward some weird binding type feeling happens where the car gets real low in the front then sort of bounces up. Front bar may need to be losened on one side to help balance it out maybe. The car does seems to have a bit more tendancy to rotate when your driving real smooth and not pushing the front end to do weird ****. It does still seem like the car can be driven harder than the suspention wants on the street.The bars do allow for some mid corner accelration. Havent pushed it as hard as i would like, but its much flatter and responds much better to input and with mild acceleration starting just before apex it felt like the car was pulling hard in the front on transition and really allowing me to rip through corners. Also driving to work this morning the bars made minimal difference even driving into downtown as far as ride quality goes. So I am happy with that from a DD aspect.

Rallyarmor sent me an email stating:

As a result of a recent inquiry you made regarding our 2011 STI and WRX sedan specific Rally Armor mud flap application, we would like to update you on our progress.
Now in the final stages of production, we anticipate a release date in approximately 2 weeks.

So what will be first. the mud flaps or the stage 0 map from p&l.

10/26 1500 miles
Finally got a chance to drive in the rain. The dws's are pretty hawt, didn't seem to take any noticable hit in wet driving. Just need it to snow now. Rally armor needsto get their flaps released asap!! Broke 1500 miles last night.

Talked to paul at p&l today. They are being extra cautious due to changes in the 11 ecu to make sure the tune is thuroughly tested. 1 more week for stage 0. they also have a stage 1 and stage 2 in testing atm. I didnt ask for specific details but it came upw hen i asked him about an upgrade path so I am hoping 1 is there intake and 2 is turbo back. Will give me a solid upgrade path for a bit. Didn't want to ask about the Jorge deal yet. Cause if he didn't build the maps I don't want anything to do with any of them. Not that other tuners can't do a good job, i just want a very safe tune and Jorge is good for that. Peak torque numbers is not what I am after.

10/30 18xx miles
Got the car out on some twisties today. Went out with 2 buddies one with an 06 and one with an 11 wagon. Had a good time and got to push the car a little. The car/tires are more capable than I have the will to drive public roads at 7/10th's and feels very sticky even with all seasons. The tires were talking a good amount at speed in the corners which was nice for keeping the car well clear of 10/10th's. The car is so confident at speed as long as you handle it smoothly. The suspension loads up quickly and is confidence inspiring even when transitioning in complex turns with changing directions or changing tightness. Had no weird issues outside of my seat. My uber seat mod is still functionally very nice but feeling lumpy. I took a look at it a few mins ago and it seems i need to adjust the length of one of the horizontal springs in the middle. It is a bit shorter than the rest just looking at how much they are all bent causing a bit of a high spot that I am feeling on the left side near the bottom of my rib cage.

Ordered my helmet and gopro camera this weekend. Getting lists for everything else i need for tracking the car next year put together. Rally armor flaps are pushed back 1 more week. P&l will have all their stage 0,1,2 maps ready THIS WEEK HORRAYS!!!! Now I jsut have to figure out if i want 0 or 1 hehe.

Broke 2k miles, car is still great!! Honestly still getting comfortable with it yet. Pedal rarely hits the floor still. 17 mpg in the city and about 21 on the highway for a combined 18 for the last 1200 miles.

Got my helmet and gopro camera for the track next year. taken a few videos on the camera and its pretty bad ***. It doesnt work great at night but in the day it looks pretty damn good and isnt very shakey even on the suction cup stuck to my back window.

Trying to figure out the best way to mount the camera for now. If I eventually get the traqmate it will change my mounding ideas but for now I have only used the suction cup mount. I had it at the top of the rear window then tried with the camera mounted up high and down low. Low had a better view out but my shoulder blocked my gauges. High has a good look at the gauges but cant quite see out as well. I am considering putting one of the 3m sticky mounts on the dome light and then dropping the camera down a few inches from there with the mounting hardware that came withthe kit. Going to try moving the camera around in the car first and see if i can figure out where I can catch the gauges and get a nice clean shot to the outside.

P&l's page is down, I am hoping tha tmeans they are changing something for the release of their new staged kits. Likely wishful thinking!!!

No rallyarmor flaps, no p&l stage 0/1 kits. ###%!^$&!*!*@($&^%^%*!&^! holy crap lets get on the ball *****es!!! I wants to give you my monies!!!! PLEASE LET ME GIVE YOU MY MONEY!!!!!

got the email from rally armor stating their flaps are out for the 2011 sedans. ordered then 3 minutes later. YAY!!!!!! hopefully have them for install tuesday when i have off and am back from deer hunting.

Checked my oil last night and it is a tiny bit down from where I filled it to. I had it between the hole and the F and now it is almsot down to the F so a very minor but enough that it is noticable. Pulled the pcv lines that are attached to the intercooler and sure as **** already notable blowby in there. Moved the AOS up to get done before track time next year.

Installed rear mud flaps finally. Install was a snap rally armor really does a ncie job of their ****. which i would expect for as much as they cost but at the same time I can totaly understand why they cost as much as they do.

Talked to p&l today. they are selling stage 0 just nothing on their page yet.they said they would try to get me dyno info tomorrow.

no p&l info yet. going to call them tomorrow and find out what stage 0 costs. If it isnt a big premium over an AP I may just buy it and if the map is MEH ill just use the cobb one. Bought the awesome vulcan deal that poped up today falken rt-615's in 275/35/18x4 for $300 shipped. Way too good of a deal to pass up.

Got dynos from Paul comparing S# and I. looks very nice as expected. The maps were made with a colaboration between Junior and Jorge. No idea on how much input Jorge had the S# map looks pretty standard Junior with a nice boost spike on the front end. The I drive map drops 75 ft/lbs and 35 hp and has a much smoother torque curve and very linear growth on hp from 0-6000 rpm. So i ordered it up.

AP is on the truck for delivery. I wish it wasn't 7 outside, still plan to get it going tonight and do some playing around with the car. I will post once I have a good feel for it.

7:51pm Got AP installed and drove around for 10 minutes. WOW the difference in the maps power is HUGE, and the car is only showing 16.1 lbs of boost on the ap boost monitor. The I map is so nice and evenly tuned. The S map feels much liek stock just cleaned up with quicker spoolup. The S# map had me sliding all over the salty *** slippery roads. Boost comes on early and the car feels strong till about 6k. I havent given it any time to break in so it will only get better im sure. Well worth the $100. Going to do some logging and see how things look over the next few days. I may have to just drive someplace to put on some miles and get the map all settled in.

11:42pm Did a few pulls and a bunch of logging. after the first 10 minutes of what i assume was learning time, there was 0 knock detected at all. Here is the best i did on some street pulls. best i did shows with intake temps of 24 degrees i am at 94% inj duty cycle at 5800 rpm running 11.04:1 afr.(possibly thats as low as it reads? Just the AP log so stock sensor) I assume if i would have had road to hold it I would have damn near maxed out the injectors so I assume at least with 24 degree intake air temps i have some damn serious hp here. The *** dyno reads signifigant increases thats for sure

Found out 2 weeks ago maybe that the p&l map i was given wasnt the correct one for my car. Had 0 knock in 1-2-3 gear but couldnt make any load in 5-6th or i would instantly hit -1.4. Also the car was really rough. Having been 5 years since i last installed an AP I thought maybe this roughness was normal but I was wrong. Last week they said they would get me a replacement and I am still waiting for that. Fairly unhappy with the service. After making the mistake of having me run a map for a 2010 or something suposedly they take more than a week to spend 5 minutes to lock a map to my AP and send it to me. Piss poor customer service. The good news is i have been running the cobb maps and am learning how to be a map master. If only i had a dyno i could be the master tuner now as well.

Talked to Jason at nameless performance, what a great guy to work with. You can tell he lives and breathes exhaust. Had a very open and honest exchange and ordered their muffler delete. It may end up too loud for the street i assume, hoping it isnt but i dont know that cats and a resonator are adequate to make a car resonable. After talking to him i have some hope that it will be fine as long as i am not getting on it, which i am fine with. If nothing else I will just throw it on for track days where the 16 lbs really matters imo. It is cold as **** which is the only reason i am not really excited about it. working on the car in the teens just dampens the excitement haha. Figure i can do it in 20ish minutes though so plan to tough it out. 4 bolts 4 hangers how long can it take

I can highly reccommend doing business with them as they are great to work with and very happy to spend the time explaining their product to make sure you are getting what you want.

Talked to p&l yesterday and they stated they feel the map is a safe tradeoff between power and reliability as it is but that they are willing to make one with 2 degrees pulled from the questionable areas. So we will see if they get back to me with something as i emailed them that i am interested today.

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Default Re: Socko's 2011 WRB WRX STi Sedan

Looks awesome man!
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Default Re: Socko's 2011 WRB WRX STi Sedan

The blue is absolutely stunning. Congrats man!
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Default Re: Socko's 2011 WRB WRX STi Sedan

Finally a WRB STI sedan! I have a limited on order

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Default Re: Socko's 2011 WRB WRX STi Sedan

HOT! I still love my hatchthough.
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Default Re: Socko's 2011 WRB WRX STi Sedan

Congrats. Gorgeous color. The gold wheels need to make a comeback.
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Default Re: Socko's 2011 WRB WRX STi Sedan

Originally Posted by cfenning View Post
HOT! I still love my hatchthough.
I am with him. But nice looking ride man.
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Default Re: Socko's 2011 WRB WRX STi Sedan

I wish too they didn't discontinued the goldies for 2011.
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