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FAQ/Newbie Forum

Welcome! Buying a Subaru soon? Introduce yourself, ask basic questions, & read up on the FAQ. Start your own member journal by following the steps in the member journal faq.
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Sanctioned Motorsports

Discuss competing your Subaru in everything from autocross (Solo I/II, ProSolo), Road Racing, Drag Racing, Time Attack, or Rally, then come in here to get the hot info on the latest setups!
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Driving Tips & Techniques

This is where you can discuss the best driving techniques for the STi.
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Power Bragging

Post your dyno and show off your sexy power curves. Please follow the strict rules when posting.
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Pro Motorsports

Discuss the WRC, Grand Am, Redline Time Attack, the SCCA Pro-Rally championship, or some other pro race series that includes Subarus.
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The Fastest Times Forum

Post your fastest times and time slips from the drag strip, race track, etc.
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Warranty / Service Issues

Have a warranty question or experience you'd like to share? Post it here.
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Insurance Talk

Discuss Subaru insurance, like how much other owners pay and the best insurance carriers!
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Tools Discussion

Give tool recommendations or request tool advice for your particular Subaru or other application.
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