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Conversation Between yamahaSHO and bytor
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  1. bytor
    06-13-10 10:24 PM
    I'm not sure I understand this "visitor messages" thing. Are you asking rculose about a stock crank or is he asking you? Or asking anyone who reads it?

    Sweet 95 there, and if it's you asking, I could've SO hooked you up about a month ago. I had a 95 parts car with only 85k on the engine. Sold the whole car for $500.

    I had 4, one of which was a blue 94 AT that was my daughter's first car, and the 95 was the donor to keep it going.

    Now I'm down to my 89 I'm converting back to daily-driver duties (basically just taking it out of it's mothballed status of 6 years and giving it some love) and its 89 parts car, both MT's, and, this came as a huge surprise to me recently when I happened to be in the manlift and looked down at the parts car, it's a hardtop! I've NEVER seen a SHO without a moonroof. I'm eyeing it now as a track toy since it's not wrecked. It just has a really tired engine.

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