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Anyone Going To The Track???

08-18-03, 09:37 AM
Just picked mine up this weekend and am working on the break-in. Anyone going to the track soon? Anyone been to Motorsports Ranch?? Thoughts??

08-18-03, 10:32 AM
Hey Opal, Congrats on the new car. I have not made it to the track yet, but plan to soon. I live right down 121 from you, hope to see you out and about some time.

08-18-03, 02:08 PM
Any been to Driver's Edge? I'm thinking about heading to Motorsports Ranch or TWS this Sept. or Oct. on their driver's ed.

08-20-03, 01:47 PM
When you guys say 'track' do you mean 1/4 mile or an actual :P track with turns and stuff? Because I have seen a lot of 1/4 miles around where I live but I never knew any actual tracks existed in Texas. Are there many? And where are they located?
I'd love to turn my STi loose! (and probably lose to a bunch of Miatas :lol: !)

08-21-03, 05:01 AM
I know in Houston, the local SCCA club does some track time at the HPD training course. Up here in Dallas, the only track I have found is out in Mineral Wells. The S2000 crew go out there ocasionally. I need to talk to my dealer, he races Pro Solo and should know of some local events.

08-21-03, 05:56 AM
In Dallas there's Texas Motor Speedway and Motorsports Ranch...
I haven't been to either but my buddy who's moving in with me says that for $40 you can run on Motorsports Ranch all day. Texas Motor Speedway is a giant oval so you can test out your top end speed :P .
In College Station there's a track called Texas World Speedway. It is an oval with a road course in the middle. I've been to this one 4 times with the Driver's Edge. The road course is 2.9 miles of turns. And on the front straight, I got my 99 Civic Si up to 105 mph. This was a bone stock Si with only ZR rated tires. WOW. Can't wait to go there with the STi.

08-21-03, 06:47 AM
what about Equipe Rapide (ER)? they run at Pennington Field in Bedford

08-23-03, 09:50 PM
I have been to Motorsport Ranch twice (once with The Drivers Edge and once with a friend who has a membership there--in the rain). It is well worth going to--especially Rick's Drivers Edge events. I am signed up for the September 6/7 event and will be in my new STi if it get here/is broken in by then or my Comptech Acura. The Drivers Edge will teach you so much about driving at the limit--I highly recommend it.

03-22-04, 05:55 PM