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Default Oil Temp sender options

Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out which is the better option. I have the Perrin oil temp and oil pressure gauges, and am using the front galley plug for oil pressure and the oil pan drain plug with a Killer B adapter for oil temp.

Do I replace the sender Perrin included with a longer sender? Or give in and buy a sandwich plate?

The Perrin temp sender was clearly built for use with their oil filter sandwich plate, but the consensus across the forums is that's not really the right spot for a temp sensor (or pressure sensor for that matter). The perrin sender is a bit short and I've searched online quite a bit, looking at Autometer, Summit Racing, Pegasus parts, etc trying to find another temp sender that might thread into the same setup, but reach farther into the pan.

My measurements of the three parts of the setup include the drain plug, brass probe, and sensor probe, all of which add up to the brass probe not extending into the pan farther than the threads of the drain plug, and the sensor itself not reaching the end of the brass probe itself. Check out these pics for reference.
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