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Default Re: Electrical issue after injector re-pin

Originally Posted by UrdnotWrexSTi View Post
Oh and by the way, now that I am re-checking the injector plugs for power I get no reading at all. Both connectors in the plug give me no reading with the key on... To be sure I'm getting power to the harness at all I checked the coil pack connectors and I AM getting power to those connectors.

So for some reason it's just the injector wires that are not getting power at all now, but everything else is.

After checking alldata I noticed the warning at the bottom saying that you have to use the right ECU in order to prevent damage specifically to the injection system... Now that gets me wondering if it can go in the opposite direction... maybe if you short out the wires for the injection system, you can damage the ECU
Using the right ecu to prevent damage to injection system really only refers to when you are replacing the ecu. I woulnt worry about this unless you are planning on replacing the ecu.

Since you are still able to communicate with the ecu and are getting power to the coils via the ecu i dont think ecu is bad yet. Injectors are pulse width modulation so you arent going to see the same voltage while in use.

I think you need to look into seeing if a main relay/fuse is the issue. I wish i had a wiring diagram to help. I would suggest looking in the engine fuse box and looking at all the main fuses/relays. Sometimes those main fuses blow real easily.

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