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Default Re: Consensus on Cobb Access Port and Subaru Warranty

> If you need the warranty to afford the car, then don't mod.

Yeah, that's always the pat answer, isn't it?

But if Subaru actually intended this car to be more than a Honda Accord, you'd think they might just release it with a proper tune so there was no dilemma. A "Sports Car" that stumbles around 4K RPMs - pretty much every time you accelerate with any authority at all - is not a Sports Car.

Why did I buy it? My '04 STi *was* a sports car - finally sold it due to rust-through in the left rear quarter panel. Had I known 1) How bad the tune was (test drive is hardly enough to really tell), and 2) how much harder Subaru has gotten about warranty issues since the bearing failures - I would have sucked it up, and done the bodywork on the '04.

BTW, "affording the car" has nothing whatsoever to do with "needing" the warranty. I bought the car cash, and I own a 911 Turbo. It's a matter of having to do something to FIX what the manufacturer should have done properly in the first place "causing" warranty issues that sucks. It's the Principle of the Thing.
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