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Default 2010 GR Pops out of 6th

Ok, so this has been happening for a while now and I've just put up with it. But I would like to get it sorted.

So the car shifts smooth and fine through all gears, but will not stay in 6th gear. Sometimes it will stay for a mile or two and sometimes it pops out immediately when loaded. I can hold it in 6th but it's quite a workout. Feels like the transmission is pulling against me to move the shifter forward and pop it out.

2010 GR with 99k on the ODO. Car is mostly stock. It's been like this for at least the past year. I honestly can't remember when it first started. Car has been driven normally and not abused or launched.

Fluids are fine and checked/replaced every 20k or so. Clutch is stock but hasn't slipped or anything weird since I've owned it. I do have new linkage bushings, as well as trans mount and shifter bushings that I haven't installed yet. Anything I can check off the list without dropping the tranny would be appreciated.
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