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Default Re: Consensus on Cobb Access Port and Subaru Warranty

Originally Posted by enoxard View Post
theyre wrong..

ask them to tell you specifically how they can tell that a different tune has been on the ecu, other than the counters have been reset. And that doesnt necessarily mean that other than OEM software has been installed.
They all said they can see beyond ECU resets and key counts.

I basically told all of them I was buying a used Subaru from a private party but wanted to insure the warranty won't be compromised due to past ECU flashes that have been unmarried. I asked them how does one go about that and they all said they can confirm how many past flashes with a diagnostic test which they can include in their pre purchase inspection services for $100-$200.

I don't believe they would lie in such a scenario as they will be taking on the risk of misleading someone on a significant purchase of a used car. It would be stupid of the dealership to take on such an unnecessary liability.

Unfortunately I don't have an unmarried car for them to check. If you want to put a nail in the coffin to this question and specifically see the results of their test I would suggest to find someone with an unmarried tune to bring their car in.

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