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Default Re: Consensus on Cobb Access Port and Subaru Warranty

Regardless of if they can tell what exactly has been done, they can tell that something has been done.

They can look at the "reset" count (maybe flash count?) to see the number of times that the ECU has been "reset" (ie battery disconnected or ECU has been flashed). They can also see the number of key cycles and if the obd2 readiness monitors have passed since the last reset. Subaru will keep track of any revisions that they've flashed to your ECU.

It'll look suspicious if you take the car in for an engine issue and the key cycles are low and the readiness monitor haven't passed yet. You could try to sell it as "I tried resetting the battery to see if it would fix the issue".. but it'll probably look suspicious enough for them to dig deeper, especially if it's a warranty claim for engine failure. Keep in mind that when you have a pro-tune or e-tune (especially for flex fuel) the ECU is flashed at least 10+ times for tune revisions. It'll look very suspicious if you have 10-20 "resets".. At that point they'll probably be checking to see what bolts have been loosened.. and digging deeper into the ECU (if they have that ability). Either way, it'll be a hassle for you..

I've heard from Subaru techs that the general diagnostic ran for troubleshooting and pre-purchase inspections don't go in depth enough to look at the reset/flash count. They ran "diagnostics" on my '16 WRX when I traded it in and made no comments about previous mods/tune. They planned to sell it as certified pre-owned (CPO) due to the condition & low mileage.

As others have said, do it at your own risk and be prepared to pay for repairs.. "Pay to Play". With that said, my local Subaru dealership sells AccessPorts on a display in their showroom... so it may just depend on how "mod friendly" your dealership is.

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