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Default Re: Consensus on Cobb Access Port and Subaru Warranty

Originally Posted by mheyman View Post
* Error in my last post. I would not trust anyone for a correct answer. I wouln't even trust someone at a dealer to give you an answer that will hold up later if you were to have an problem!!! Talking to someone is not a contract!!! It's that simple.

SOA does have better electronic diagnostic tools than us. Not sure if dealers use em or just the Tech reps, but they exist.
I hear you on that! That goes with anything in life. In the end, you have to just use your best judgement.

I spoke with a few Subaru service technician on this subject and they all showed good character. A few of them just enjoyed talking about Subarus in general as they also have been modding cars themselves for years. I don't believe they had any incentives to mislead me on this topic. Based off of all the sources I've encountered, I would put the most weight on their responses.

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