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Default Re: How to test OCV & Camshaft Position Sensor to diagnose P000B?

Originally Posted by louiswyman660 View Post
P000B : "B" Camshaft Position Slow Response Bank 1 (This is Passenger Exhaust correct?)

So I've had this code "Pending" for a while now on my OBDII reader and I forgot about it for a while until about 5,000 miles later it finally triggered a CEL. I did some research and found that one issue that can cause this could be a lack of oil pressure which is how I came across a slow leak in my turbo oil return line (thinking about it now, I'm not so sure this can cause a decrease in oil pressure because this oil just returns to the cylinder head). After fixing that and clearing the codes about 3 days ago, I've been checking my OBDII scanner everyday until today when the code popped up as "Pending" again.

So I assume it's gonna get to the point where it becomes a Permanent code and triggers my CEL again. After searching a few forums it seems like the most common fix is replacing the OCV valve or camshaft position sensor, but instead of just throwing parts at my car hoping that it fixes it, I wanted to swap the left and right OCV and cam sensor to see if the code moves. The only problem is that both of these parts have different part numbers on the Subaru website for the LH and RH sensor, so I'm assuming I can't just swap left and right. Also the gaskets for the OCV valves are different, so I assume the oil ports would be blocked if I swapped them. So is there anyway I can actually test these two items without purchasing new ones?

The manual says you can check the resistance of the OCV (does this really show if the OCV is in good condition?) and use an oscilloscope, which I do not own, to check the cam sensor. I'm assuming taking it to a shop to check these two items for me will end up costing more than just buying the two items.

Anyone have any suggestions on what my next steps should be before I spend any money?

Got a friend with the same car? Could swap his sensors with yours. Might be worth calling a subaru shop to see what they'd charge to inspect them, maybe they'd give a discount if you showed up with just the sensors in hand so they didn't have to do the uninstall?
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