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Originally Posted by ocpokesmot View Post
Whats even funnier is Im in your same boat and Im kinda worried too. So what Im hoping for is the guy will turn a blind eye to the visual and just plug in the damn computer. I do still have TGVs and not sure those are removed and turn the MIL off with the AP if his computer would catch it?
Hey oc, so I’ve learned a lot over this last week or so. I talked to a smog for a while and picked his brain. He said if they plug it in and the smog machine detects any kind of tune to the oem software, that’s a red flag right away and will most likely get sent to the state ref. The visual test is the only part where you can find guys that have leniency but as for the rest, the computer needs to be on a stock tune with all “I/M” emissions ready complete. If you are 2000-2010, you are allowed check engine lights that are not related to emissions, 2010 and up, no engine lights allowed. I’m still trying to sort out my car.
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