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Originally Posted by 68velle View Post
Good evening all!
I am calling on the subie community for help! It is that dreaded time again, once every two years. I need to get my vehicle smogged for the man. I feel as this time I have gone too far, past the point of no return. You guys know how it goes. I got ringlands, had my motor rebuild, and somehow now I have a stage 4 sti sitting the garage that needs a smog cert. I live in the San Diego area. Anybody know anyone that could help me smog my vehicle? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Whats even funnier is Im in your same boat and Im kinda worried too. So what Im hoping for is the guy will turn a blind eye to the visual and just plug in the damn computer. I do still have TGVs and not sure those are removed and turn the MIL off with the AP if his computer would catch it?
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