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Default Re: Oil temps way high after header install

Well... after way more headaches and heartaches... still basically where I was before.

Due to poor work done by a shop that installed the cooler, I didn't get to drive the car more than 1 practice session at the TT event. When I did, in a cool morning session temps stabilized at around 255. Which is okay, but still seems high.

I was forced to redo the cooler -- now... running a Mishimoto 25 row cooler in the lower grill opening (about half exposed to full airflow) and I'm still seeing temps of slightly over 220 around town, rising to 230 pretty fast if I start giving it boost. This seems to be the case even when it's not particularly hot out... I hit 220 the other day driving on the highway in the rain.

I've done one autocross since having the cooler in. I'd go out for a run with temps about 210 and return with them about 220 which quickly rose to 230-240 when sitting in grid. Spraying water on the cooler got them back down to 210 again for the next run.

I'm pretty much completely out of thoughts at this point -- I was planning to run Gridlife at the end of this month but I can't imagine how the temps could stay cool enough when they don't even stay below 220 driving around town.

It's starting to seem to me like something is really wrong internally with the motor. It seems that most folks have trouble even getting the oil up to temp running a cooler of this size... and it seems to be fighting to keep up for me. I have been wondering how many others might have had an issue like this and just ended up spinning a bearing because they didn't know the temps got too hot. In any case... I just want my car back and it's starting to seem like tearing the engine down is becoming my only choice...
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