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Default Re: Steering Rattle unable to fix

Yes, even if returned to stock form. It's in the system with Subaru that the car was modded, and no mods at any point can be used when pursuing a lemom law.

I have already contacted multiple lemon law attorneys, and if pursuing lemon law, it's not valid.

Also, something I learned, even if the car was taken in during the original warranty, and if the warranty expires when car is at the shop, you cannot use Lemon Law, so there is that. You basically have to have the car in shop or in your possession when filing the case with an existing warranty. Kind of shitty. Normally this would not be an issue as most lemon laws cases are within the first 3 years. Not at the end of year 5 like me.

I have looked into other legal actions though as I am being cheated here. I have made $3000 in payments with no car or loaner for 6 months, and no fix, and I will have a hard time selling a car with issues, and I feel as Subaru should buy my car back or at least pay for the deprecation of my car and all the car payments I have had to make.

I don't want it anymore. I will go crazy driving a car that makes noises.

We will see what happens and what kind of company Subaru really is.

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