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Default Re: custom oil cooler bracket installed

So a friend bought Mishimoto oil cooler kit; and it don't fit UK model STI due to couple of reasons; the front bumper beam is much deeper towards the air conditioner radiator and there is a thick front lower plastic guard.

But is a good thing as low mounting location is a bad idea in my opinion.

Since the Mishimoto oil cooler is thicker the upper grill duct piece is preventing it from center mount position.

And it is mounted at a slight angle due to clearance (can only be seen if viewed from the top). Which is ok.

That protection sleeve uses sticker to wrap it together, but since I don't trust it a zip tie is recommended.

But there are more problems when installing the sandwich adapter. Due to the shape of the sandwich plate, the OEM water cooled oil cooler adapter pipe will hit the sandwich plate. Thankfully the kit includes another spacer plate adapter which provides the much needed clearance (supposedly to be used when installing on WRX...).

Start the engine, and moments later a leak was detected coming out from spacer plate sensor port. Bastards...

Well by the end of the day the kit is successfully installed - but knowing this the owner would have just piece together a better kit (Setrab core, Mocal plate etc). I also think the rubber gasket on the mishimoto sandwich plate may not be reliable.

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