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Default Re: 2014 DGM Sti *IAG*KillerB*ID* 467WHP/485WTQ E85

Originally Posted by Leemanfor View Post
Did your car squeak all the time with the clutch?

mine is squeaking, but only when its warm. if I get in the car after its been sitting all night and push the clutch its fine

I checked my firewall welds a few weeks ago and none were broken.
Mine wasn't heat related, but it was allllll the time.

Hit this link and check your pedal assembly. The place you're going to want to look is in the area where the clutch master rod connects to the whole assembly. I have a few videos of the noise, but Tapatalk doesn't do video hosting, only photos :-(

This is someone elses picture, but it's the exact spot mine cracked in too.

How To: WRX 08-14 Pedal Assembly Removal and Installation - NASIOC

The other thing it could be, which was recommended to me by someone else is the clutch pivot needing grease. If you have someone pres the clutch in a whole bunch of times and pop your head under the hood, you would probably be able to identify very quickly (with out a TMIC) if it was the clutch pivot. The amount of things that can squeak in these cars is mind numbing LOL.

The other thing I had squeaking was my driver seat. There is a little bit of plastic on the front of it that rubs on the leather part of the seat and it makes a very audible squeak. I ended up trimming mine back, and it's one of the best free things I've done in recent past.
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