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Default Re: custom oil cooler bracket installed

And so I just took the car for a good exercise in the name of science.

Ambient tempt 29 Deg C:

1. Steady state fast cruise can result in oil tempt dipping to 190 Deg f
2. Race the car with acceleration, deceleration, braking and gear shifting the oil tempt stays steady between 200 to 205 deg F.
3. Single pull to 140mph+, oil tempt steady between 200 to 205 Deg F.
4. Normal drive around town, oil tempt betwee 200 to 205 Deg F.

So that is a significant reduction of oil tempt vs not using oil cooler, but not much to be below 200 Deg F. I don’t think I need to cut open the upper grill duct to try to get more air into the pil cooler.

And as previously mentioned the coolant tempt is as good as ever. I didn’t get to see what the coolant tempt was when racing the engine, but during the single pull to 140mph it was at 83 Deg C (note: I also have Dom’s 4th cylinder coolant mod and still on oem radiator).

So after the test I went to get coffee for the morning and I let the car idle with air con on, to see what the oil tempt is like. It gradually decreasing from 205 Deg f all the way to 179 Deg F before settling at around 182 Deg F.

And that concludes this oil cooler project.

Time to go back to race circuit!
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