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[QUOTE=stiprince;4480872]So i think everything seems to be okay, i hope.

I ended up disconnecting the battery for 30 min to reset the ECU, and ended up cleaning the air filter and took the MAF out and cleaning it. I don't know for sure which thing i did ended up making things good again (that being the DAM 1.00 back to normal). So for now all is well i guess.


Resetting the ecu def does not help your problem if you indeed had an issue to start with. All you did by resetting ecu is simply trick your self into believing alls good because your DAM is at 1.00 now.

Before the ecu reset you should have swapped gas stations to see if DAM would rise to normal levels like you say it has in the past.

You could've also swapped out plugs for new ones to see if that has any effect on DAM.

What caused the DAM to drop was repeated knock events during certain rpms/load. The ecu is protecting the engine by removing timing globally..?; If that makes sense. What caused the knock is another can of worms all together. May have been false knock the sensor picked up, who knows something loose rattling around.

You probably would have seen lots of feedback knock right before the DAM dropped.

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